Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cummings, Georgia, on The Best Dart Games to Play with Friends

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One of the favorite activities of Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia is darts. Darts is a game that he has introduced to countless friends and family members over the years and people are always quick to fall in love with the game. Today, Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia will discuss some simple games for beginners that can take them a step further than simply aiming for a bullseye throw after throw.

Most dart games are either played 1 vs. 1 or with two teams of even numbers. However, it’s not uncommon for a group of people to have an odd number of players. When this happens, one of the games that Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia often turns to is called Hare and Hound Darts.

The Hare and the Hound can be played with multiple players in the role of the hare and a single player in the role of the hound. If all the players are of a similar skill level, the game can begin with the starting point of the hound one position to the left of the players playing as hares. On a standard dart board, the hound starts the chase on the 5, while the hare starts the game on the 20. The goal of the hare is to land each of their throws one space to the right of their previous spot. The hound is then given an opportunity to throw a dart one space to the right of their previous spot. If the hound catches the hare, they have won the game. If the hare is able to get all the way around the dart board, they are the winner. The game can be played with multiple hares as long as everyone sticks to the proper order.

Because players are often at different skill levels, Donnie Wayne Jackson recommends agreeing to give a less experienced player three dart throws each turn. This will make the game more interesting. Of course, this game can be reconfigured to meet the skill level of any group of players and that’s part of the reason people love it so much.

In addition to the Hound and the Hare, Halve-It Darts is a great game to play on a night out with friends. There’s no specific number of players required so every member of a group can play simultaneously. The way it works is that each player establishes their starting score with 3 dart throws. The numbers hit get added together to set the initial score. Once everyone has an established score, the first round can begin. Each round everyone agrees to a target and tries to hit it. If they do, they add that number to their score, if they miss it, their total score is cut in half.

It’s most fun when there’s at least three agreed upon targets each round. This keeps the game completive and will often cause significant swings in who is in the lead. All it takes is three straight misses for the leader to go from being up 100s of points to trailing the pack. The game can conclude when someone is out of points, or an established number of rounds can be agreed upon to start. For instance, it’s common to see the game end by tallying up the highest score after 9 rounds of action.

Finally, 9 lives darts is the perfect game for players looking to focus on accuracy. Once again, the goal is to go around the world on the dart board. Each player gets three throws per round and a total of 3 lives per round. If all three shots miss the target, a player can either be out of the game or forced to restart at the beginning of the board.

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