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Welcome to a website dedicated to the work and interests of Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia. Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia, has been a software programmer, system analyst, and software quality specialist throughout his career. Having worked with Verint Systems for about 20 years and receiving a bachelor’s degree from DeVry Technology, Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia, is always interested in discussing the latest in tech.

When Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia, isn’t working in the IT field, he can be found enjoying ATVs, canoeing, fishing, ping pong, darts, or billiards. This website will feature blogs that touch on everything from growing your skillset as a recreational billiard player to staying current with the latest technologies.

One of the jobs Donnie Wayne Jackson enjoyed the most in his career was educating nurses and other hospital staff on how to use new software properly in order to provide better care to their patients. A lot of professionals in the tech industry will have to educate others on different software over the course of their careers, and this isn’t always an easy task. Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia, is happy to offer advice for those looking to ensure less tech-savvy individuals benefit from their training.

Donnie Wayne Jackson has learned a few things about educating those who may not be the most tech-savvy about the software they need to use at their job. The first tip is to stress how the software can make their job so much easier. When people understand how technology can benefit them, they will engage in class and put down their guard. People with a company for several years will want to default to their routine. As the teacher, Donnie Wayne Jackson focuses on explaining how much more productive employees can be when they leverage new technology.

There’s also a sense that new technology is a mandate to be followed and not something that is necessarily there to benefit the employee. The truth is most software upgrades make the lives of the worker so much easier. By leaning into this fact, Donnie Wayne Jackson, of Cumming, Georgia, has experienced a shift in mood and attention. People will want to take advantage of positive change.

Another common mistake made by people educating a staff of employees on new software is assuming a certain level of understanding or technical prowess. There’s no quicker way to lose an audience than by mixing in industry jargon that goes right over people’s heads. By removing technical language and going at a pace that may seem slow, everyone has an opportunity to absorb the materials correctly. A step-by-step guide is always appreciated by someone new to a software system. Coming prepared to a lesson with a cheat sheet for the audience is a great idea. However, Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia, recommends informing the audience of the cheat sheet after the training session. When people learn of a cheat sheet ahead of time, they may be tempted to ignore the lesson and will likely run into more serious issues.

Analogies can be incredibly beneficial when educating others on a new technology. Donnie Wayne Jackson recommends tailoring the analogy toward the audience. If he’s in Cumming, Georgia, he may equate a software solution to a Bulldog touchdown. Analogies help minimize the learning curve. Anything that provides more relevancy to the audience will help even the playing field and boost audience engagement.

The class leader should always ask for sufficient time to relay the information. Those unfamiliar with software and computer programs, in general, will need time to absorb the information. By breaking down the lessons into digestible chunks, it gives people a real opportunity to retain the information. Recording longer lessons and sharing them with the team may be beneficial if there is a limited amount of time to provide a lesson. A YouTube tutorial video is always a great way to engage with the audience on their schedule.

Providing software technical support is just one of the many topics Donnie Wayne Jackson is excited to discuss on this website. Be sure to visit the blog for the latest news and insights from Donnie Wayne Jackson of Cumming, Georgia.